May 1, 2023

But they secretly hate at weddings…….

After attending lots of weddings over the last few years, here are a few things that we’ve seen that guests don’t like…….

When there is NO EVENT TIMELINE. Guests hate awkwardly waiting around having to do small talk. They need direction as to what they should be doing when. Have a timeline that guests can see to keep the flow of events moving on time!

BAD FOOD & DRINK. Lets be honest……. The food and the bar is what everyone is looking forward to! Dry chicken and bad drinks aren’t going to cut it.

POORLY THOUGHT OUT SEATING CHARTS. Nobody wants to sit next to or with people they don’t know. Take your time and really think about who you are placing people with.

LOOONG…. ENDLESS TOASTS. Choose only the people you really want to hear from and set them a time limit. Sitting through an hour of toasts, is no ones ideas of fun…. and people are going to get ‘hangry’ (and thirsty)!

SKIMPING ON THE BAR. Next to food, the bar is the most highly anticipated part of the party. Don’t cut corners and book something special. We say no more on this one…..

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