July 15, 2021

We get asked all the time….. “Do you do Prosecco”? The answer is YES!

Do you want to treat your guests to a few glasses of perfectly chilled fizz? Our Citroen H van has two Prosecco taps on board which means we can serve instantly chilled fizz (chilled to THE perfect temperature) at speed.

We’ve invested in a high spec draft system which takes a 20L keg of Prosecco (this is exactly the same Prosecco you find in bottles but it’s kegged). One 20L keg is the equivalent of 27 bottles of fizz. That’s 27 bottles we don’t need to load onto the bar, 27 bottles we don’t need to drive around, 27 bottles we don’t need to load into a fridge, 27 bottles that don’t need to be chilled for hours (it takes at LEAST 4 hours to chill a bottle of fizz) and 27 bottles that we don’t need to dispose of at the end of service.

We LOVE Prosecco on tap – there’s no time lost in opening and closing bottles, a perfectly chilled glass of fizz can be consistently poured in seconds, waste is minimised and we don’t have to throw away half used bottles. Win win we say!

Need a Prosecco van? Contact us to chat about hire options.