November 14, 2022

Fight the freeze tonight with a cocktail to warm you up!

We recommend you try this BONFIRE BOULEVARDIER on a cold night like tonight. A cousin of the Negroni, the Boulevardier subs in bourbon for gin and is perfect for a pre-dinner aperitivo.

Harry McElhone brought this drink to the world’s attention when he made it for one of his regulars, socialite Erskine Gwynne who edited a monthly magazine called The Boulevardier,  in his Harry’s New York bar in Paris. 

The Bonfire Boulevardier is a combination of equal parts bitter Campari, sweet vermouth, oak spiced Monkey Shoulder whisky and warm orange to see off the evening’s chill. 



Add all ingredients to mixing glass, add ice and stir. Once desired dilution is reached strain into glass with ice and garnish with twist of orange.

We found this cocktail at the fabulous London Cocktail Club (all kudos to them)!

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