May 26, 2021

We get asked a lot by clients “should I bother with a welcome drink, or should I just let everyone order their own drinks”?

We think a tray of welcome drinks on arrival for your guests is a great idea! There’s nothing like a good welcome drink to make guests feel acknowledged and comfortable.

Lets face it, most parties are an excuse for guests to let their hair down, enjoy a few drinks and dance the night away.

A tray of drinks for guests to grab themselves a drink on arrival is a great opener drink, it’s a chance for your personality to shine through (we work with you to recommend the perfect welcome drink) and of course it instantly gets the party started!

A tray of drinks as well helps us out as we haven’t got all of your guests descending on the bar at the same time, ordering different drinks which can slow service down.

Win win!

Contact us to chat through what could be the perfect welcome drink for your event (we think these mini margarita’s are fab)!