September 23, 2020

It’s estimated 110,000 weddings have been postponed due to COVID-19!

Yesterday BoJo announced new COVID-19 rules for weddings. Weddings will now be restricted to 15 guests from September 28th.

Weddings restarted July 4th and initially 30 people were able to attend under social distancing rules. This has now changed to 15 and it’s likely to be in place for 6 months.

The #whaataboutweddings campaign has been created to highlight the awareness of the critical need for assistance for the £14.7bn wedding sector.

Wedding suppliers (such as ourselves), venues and couples are paralysed as a result of the pandemic restrictions which have not been lifted in any recognisable form for weddings.

The total direct spend on weddings annually is estimated to be £14.7bn. Weddings contribute more to the UK economy than live sports events and 3x that of live arts and cultural events.

We can develop a hire package if you have a smaller intimate wedding, even 15 guests are likely to hit our minimum spend over 5 hours of service.

Contact us to chat about hire options.